Every month, FBS makes the world a little bit better through the Dreams Come True contest by fulfilling people’s dearest wishes. This January, Ahmad Mohsen from Al-Rubaa, Egypt became the lucky one by winning a brand new Nikon camera that he was dreaming of for quite a while.


Mr. Mohsen studies economics at Tanta university, but debits and credits aren’t the only things he’s interested in. Particularly, he had been obsessed with photography since he was a kid, so he asked for a new camera to capture the best moments of life.


FBS clients know: your dreams may come true when least expected. Mr. Mohsen didn’t trade Forex before, but it was a Forex broker that was attentive to his desires.


“I didn’t expect to win, but I thought there’s nothing to lose, so why not try it?”, – he said, and he was right. Now, he is studying Forex to fulfill other dreams he has – and this time his only limitation is his imagination!


Your dream can come true too – you know what to do! By now, get inspired by Ahmad Mohsen’s story.